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Creating health with safe living environment is that all human wishes, and is also the conceit of management of our company.

For many years our company concentrates on toward many profession customers such as the environmental protection, labor hygiene, petroleum chemical engineering, work mineral business enterprise, education and science research etc. to recommend various advanced environmental monitoring instruments, combining to provide the high-quality service for the public customers with all sincerity. 


CHU WAH’s system is including:


Dealing with the oversea marketing, products promotion and technical support;


Guangzhou Chu Wah Environment Technology Co Ltd.

Dealing with the domestic marketing, products promotion and technical support;


Notice: Guangzhou Chu Wah Environment Technology Co Ltd. Is the branch of CHU WAH DVLP(HK) CO., LTD.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us. 

Website: www.cwdvlp.com

E-mail:  info@cwdvlp.com

Service: service@cwdvlp.com

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